The Simple Hiring System

How You Can Find and Hire Smart People With Personality Who Are Passionate About Working For You

By asking 3 simple questions

If you're tired of trying to figure out the easiest way to hire the best people; LISTEN UP...

Hiring A Players doesn't have to be hard, but if you're like most entrepreneurs, you know that finding these high performers who not only want to work for you, but share your passion and values is time consuming, challenging and risky ...but not impossible.

In a recent study by Harvard Business Review, only 19% of new hires are considered highly successful.

After 18 months, 46% of new hires are deemed failures. The other 35% are average.

How can you possibly grow your business if only ONE out of every FIVE people you hire is highly successful?

To hire only the best people, you need to ask interview questions that are predictive of success.

Everything else is trivial.

Since you're an entrepreneur like me, I want to help you hire the very best people into your business.

For a limited time, I'm sharing my A Player hiring secrets and you can get them for free inside the Simple Hiring System.

In this
free 47 page hiring guide, I'll show you:

How to attract and hire the best people for your business
How to ask questions that are predictive of success
3 questions you must ask of yourself before you hire anyone
How to interview candidates with the same accuracy and success as Google, Amazon and Zappos
How to avoid bad hires
How to identify a candidate's career trajectory
How to get A Players interested in your job opportunities
How to spend your time with only the best people
How to hire people who share your vision and fit in with your culture

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how to hire A players

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