The Simple System I Used to Find and Hire Top Talent Without Costly Hiring Mistakes

Grow your business by transforming your hiring process with proven strategies to consistently attract the best people from your industry
"Hiring the wrong people is a problem you can't afford to have."

Hiring mistakes are costing you more than you think

HBR reports that 75% of hiring managers regret not vetting candidates more thoroughly:
Zippia reports a bad hire can cost up to 30% of the employee's first-year earnings but that doesn't include soft costs like decreased team morale, lost productivity, and the negative impact on client relationships.
LinkedIn reports the top 10% of talent produces 8x more than average, which is the 80/20 rule in action. 
Deloitte found that only 1 in 4 employees are highly engaged, underscoring the value of better hiring decisions to avoid bad hires.
What makes a bad hire bad or a mishire

“The secret of my success is that we have gone to exceptional lengths to hire the best people in the world.” – Steve Jobs.

why you need to hire only the best people

The value of hiring A-Players

Enhanced Productivity: Studies indicate that High Performers can be up to 400% more productive than average employees, particularly in complex roles.
Cultural Amplification: Data reveals that A-players elevate the performance standards of their peers and teams with high performers report a 35% increase in overall job satisfaction and lower turnover rates.
Innovation: Industry research shows that businesses with a higher concentration of top performers are 25% more likely to outperform their competitors.
Revenue Growth: Companies that prioritize hiring top talent experience revenue growth rates 19% faster than those that do not.

To consistently hire top talent, you need a system that shows you how to attract the best people, ask questions that predict success and make offers your top candidates can’t refuse.

Clarity. You can't hire the best people if you don't know what to look for.
Attraction. To attract the best people, you have to know what they're attracted to.
Sorting. To avoid mismatches, effective sorting goes beyond resumes and interviews; it's about perceiving the subtleties that indicate whether a candidate will truly resonate with and contribute to your team's success.
Discovery. To find the best people, consistently, you must have effective candidate evaluation skills and methods in place.

And now YOU can unlock the power of hiring the best people with the
Simple Hiring System

This program is your roadmap to mastering the art of interviews and securing the standout candidates your team needs.

Each section of the course, detailed below, is crafted to guide you and your team through the hiring journey, from initial questions to making them an offer they can't refuse.

With this system, you'll gain the insights needed to spot High Performers, A-players, and Top Talent from your industry that will propel your company to grow to new heights.

Simple Hiring System

Core-concepts curriculum


The success of your business is all about the people you choose. This lesson will give you a clear picture of how this program works and how you can quickly get the most from it in the least amount of time. 

We'll also cover why it's important to hire people who are aligned with your company's culture, vision and goals.

Intro: Before you hire anyone - (6:30)
Results: Gets your hiring team excited about the skills they'll learn and how they'll be able to make better hiring choices after finishing the program.

Module 1: Crafting the candidate blueprint

Discover how to distinguish and link the skills, talents, and competencies crucial for any role. 

Learn to craft a job scorecard that sets the standard for your ideal candidate, guiding your interview process with focused questions. 

After interviews, use these scorecards to score and assess candidates' fit, enabling you to make confident, data-backed hiring decisions.

Lesson 1: The key differences between competencies, skills and talents - (7:40)
Lesson 2: Five steps to creating a job scorecard - (10:58)
Lesson 3: Reading your job scorecard (5:44)
Results: Once you've finished, you'll possess a detailed blueprint for the ideal candidate, enabling you to make precise, data-driven hiring choices, and providing a consistent framework for future recruitment in similar positions.

Module 2: Writing job postings that attract the best candidates

Master the art of job postings that attract the best talent by embedding your company's vision into every listing and inspiring candidates to see beyond the job.

Guided by insights from the Harvard Business Review, you'll learn to draft job postings that invite a broader range of candidates by sparking excitement and curiosity. 

Your postings will encourage candidates to see the role not merely as a job but as an opportunity for personal and professional growth—a place where they can thrive and evolve.

Lesson 1: Attracting high performers with strong mission and vision statements - (10:12)
Lesson 2: Writing job propositions that attract the best people - (22:42)
Results: By the end of this chapter, you'll be able to create job postings that stand out, resonate with the right audience, and truly reflect the growth and opportunity your company offers.

Module 3: Mastering the Art of Virtual Interviews

This course segment will equip you with the skills to conduct brief yet comprehensive phone interviews.

Top talent often has multiple options, so establishing a connection early on is key to enticing them to join your team. You'll learn to write a compelling introduction email that not only praises candidates but also piques their interest in the career opportunities at your company.

You have limited time with virtual interviews, so you need to ask the right questions to quickly assess fit and interest, effectively conclude interviews, and even give promising candidates a second chance, all while streamlining your hiring process.

Lesson 1: Selecting the right candidates for virtual interviews - (5:33)
Lesson 2: Scheduling candidates for virtual interviews - (4:06)
Lesson 3: Conducting a productive 20-minute virtual interview - (13:23)
Lesson 4: Second chance interview - (2:45)
Results: With your time at a premium, it's essential to invest it with the most promising candidates. You’ll learn how to quickly determine who aligns with your company, decide who gets cut and who moves to keep your hiring process smooth and effective in selecting top talent.

Module 4: Conducting effective interviews

In these lessons, you'll master Socratic questioning to cut through rehearsed responses and truly understand each candidate. You'll learn the delicate balance of asking the right amount of questions and the critical skill of active listening to glean valuable insights.

You'll discover the art of building rapport and selling the job to every candidate equally, enhancing your ability to attract top talent. You'll also learn that brevity and specificity in answers often indicate a candidate's potential more accurately than lengthy responses.

Beyond questions, you'll explore tactical interviewing techniques to map out a candidate's career trajectory and identify those poised for growth. You'll create a first-round interview guide to effectively screen for candidates' genuine desire and ability to perform the job.

Tackling a common interviewing pitfall, you'll learn to ask questions that predict success, leading to structured and unbiased evaluations. This approach ensures you're not only selling the role but also discerning candidates' true motivations and capabilities.

Finally, you'll be equipped to align your hiring instincts with data-driven insights, ensuring you choose candidates who not only fit the job and company culture but also have the highest likelihood of success in the role.

Lesson 1: Mastering the Socratic Method for effective interview questioning - (11:18)
Lesson 2: Perfecting the skill of active candidate listening - (6:32)
Lesson 3: Developing rapport with candidates - (7:37)
Lesson 4: How to know when candidates are lying - (6:00)
Lesson 5: 10 essential principles for conducting successful interviews - (14:47)
Lesson 6: Conducting first-round interviews - (25:17)
Lesson 7: Advanced Strategies Part-2 for third and final behavioral interviews - (20:32)
Lesson 8: Comprehensive final review of candidates and scorecard updates - (15:33)
Results: Upon completing this chapter, you'll become highly skilled at conducting insightful interviews. You'll learn how to ask the kinds of questions that reveal the true nature of a candidate. With this knowledge, you’ll confidently make data-driven decisions to choose candidates who are not just likely to thrive in the role but who will also mesh with your company's values and goals that contribute to a strong, cohesive company culture.

Module 5: Selecting the right candidate with confidence

This chapter covers three key lessons to refine your hiring process.

First, you'll learn how to design an audition process that fairly evaluates candidates in real job scenarios, giving you a clear picture of their capabilities before you commit to hiring them.

Next, you'll gain strategies for conducting thorough and efficient reference checks, reducing the chances of a bad hire by up to half by gathering essential insights from references.

Finally, the chapter will guide you through the art of making an appealing job offer, one that your preferred candidate is likely to accept immediately, minimizing the need for negotiations and ensuring a smooth close to the hiring process.

Lesson 1: Designing an effective audition process - (15:16)
Lesson 2: A step-by-step guide to evaluating candidate references - (14:12)
Lesson 3: Building the ultimate offer to secure your ideal candidate - (13:55)
Results: Managers will possess the skills to assess a candidate's true fit for the job, ensure the reliability of their hiring decisions through insightful background verification, and masterfully finalize recruitment with offers that high-quality candidates find irresistible.

Module 6: Designing a candidate pipeline for future hiring

You'll learn to how to easily keep your talent search active and build a reserve of high-caliber professionals while accelerating the interview process and bypassing hefty recruitment charges

Lesson 1: Creating your own candidate pool - (6:32)
Results: After finishing this chapter, you'll learn the value of being on the constant lookout for exceptional talent, regardless of your current hiring status. This lesson will guide you in establishing a continuous talent pipeline, enabling you to initiate interviews swiftly, significantly reduce the time spent on candidate searches, and bypass costly recruiter fees.


Upon completing the six comprehensive chapters of this hiring program, you will have transformed your approach to talent acquisition. 

You will possess the expertise to identify, engage, and onboard individuals who not only possess the necessary skills but also align with your company's culture and vision. 

From mastering the art of insightful questioning and active listening to creating a personalized candidate pool and navigating the nuances of final hiring decisions, you'll have a toolkit that ensures your hiring process is both efficient and effective.

Your newfound skills will enable you to build strong relationships with potential candidates, ensuring that your company stands out as a preferred employer. The strategies learned will help you avoid common pitfalls and make informed, data-driven hiring decisions, saving your company time and resources while enhancing team dynamics and productivity.

In summary, this program will leave you well-equipped to attract, evaluate, and secure top talent, laying the groundwork for sustained success and growth within your organization.

Conclusion: Don's final words to you - (5:16)
Results: This program will leave you well-equipped to attract, evaluate, and make informed hiring decisions, securing top talent and laying the groundwork for sustained success and growth within your organization.

BONUS:  Supplemental

Stumped when hiring for roles that you’re not an expert in? 

From navigating industry-specific terms to understanding niche skills, you’ll be armed with techniques to assess candidates, craft insightful questions, and rely on expert opinions without feeling overshadowed.

Lesson 1: Hiring for roles that exceed your own level of expertise - (14:12)
Results: After this session, you'll be ready to confidently recruit top talent, even in fields where you possess little to no experience.

Customized training modules

As an add-on companion module to the Simple Hiring System Core Concepts, this bespoke solution addresses the complexities of hiring by offering customized video-based training, policies, and procedures, tailored to meet the unique needs of your business. Whether you're filling roles in accounting, finance, IT, sales, software development, management, or any other role, this module is designed for you.

We begin our collaboration by working closely with you to define the exact requirements for the role. This collaborative approach ensures that the training we develop is not just generic advice but a precise, role-specific toolkit that addresses the unique needs of your company.

These training modules will guide your hiring teams through every step of the recruitment and interview process and are exactly aligned with the Simple Hiring System curriculum above. We start by helping you create a detailed candidate blueprint and job scorecard, ensuring clarity on the qualifications and traits your ideal candidates should possess. From there, we delve into the nuances of crafting compelling job postings that attract the right talent, followed by comprehensive guidance on conducting both virtual and in-person interviews.

We'll also cover how to design an effective audition process that tests candidates in real-world scenarios, how to thoroughly check references to verify candidates' backgrounds, and finally, how to make compelling job offers that top talent can't refuse.

Once the customized training is in place, it becomes a valuable tool for your entire organization. Regardless of location, every hiring manager in your company will have access to this standardized approach, ensuring consistency and effectiveness in your hiring process across all offices.

Lesson 1: Job scorecard and blueprint creation - (45:00 to 1:15) total time for all lessons
Lesson 2: Writing job propositions that attract the best people
Lesson 3: Conducting virtual interviews
Lesson 4: Conducting in-person behavioral interviews
Lesson 5: Building a candidate audition and calling references
Results: Regardless of location, every hiring manager in your company will have access to this standardized approach, ensuring consistency and effectiveness in your hiring process across all offices. This unified strategy streamlines your recruitment efforts and significantly enhances the quality of your hires, setting your business up for continued growth and success.
Cost: $10,000 per role. 4-6 weeks delivery


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Single user license

Additional licenses: $500/user

24 Expertly created hiring lessons
4.5 hours total training time
Lifetime access
Comprehensive written procedures aligned with course modules
Access from any device through our member portal
Two 60-minute consultations

Premium Business Plan

Simple Hiring System

Everything from Basic Plus

One custom role specific hiring module with written procedures
Estimated length, 45-60 minutes
Three 60-minute consultations
4-6 weeks delivery
6-months email support

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